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The Lambda Concept

The Lambda is the only rehabilitation device that offers the freedom of a plan workspace in which the leg can be manipulated throughout almost its entire working area. Because of this quality, various existing and innovative exercices and therapies could be realized without patient transfer between machines, including Serious Games and Virtual Reality applications. All exercises are fully customizable and can therefore follow the patient from the early days after the trauma until the ambulatory care. All this is controlled by a complete and intuitive user interface, allowing a fast mastery by therapists.

Innovative Therapies

Its unique robotic qualities open a new area of possible treatments, combining : Passive or Active (Isokinetic, Isometric and Isotonic). Concentric or Eccentric work.

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Enhanced Feedback

Serious Games and Virtual Reality elements are available for their motivational qualities but also to augment the feedback to the patient in order to improve motor learning.

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Learning Mode

Because the therapist alone can handle the uniqueness of his patient, this mode was created to become nothing more than an extension of the arms of the therapist.

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Latest News


Lambda is selected for the 2nd round of the GENERATION ENTREPRENEUR® competition

Le Grand Prix GENERATION ENTREPRENEUR a pour objectif de mettre à disposition des nouveaux entrepreneur-e-s sélectionné-e-s l’expérience, l’expertise et le réseau des conseiller-e-s afin d’assurer un plus grand succès à leurs projets.

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LHS in Venture 25 best Business Plans

Lambda Health System was selected in the top 25 Business Plans out of 116 submissions during the award 2016.

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Serious games article

24Heures posted an article about our serious games and their possible impact in current therapies, and their potential use in various innovative fields.

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Business magazine article

Business Magazine posted an article about Lambda Health System, with an accent on our values, objectives and current milestones.

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« With its speed and ease of installation, LHS is a relevant assessment and rehabilitation device of neuromotor function. It is an innovative and polyvalent partner of rehabilitation. »

Prof. Francis Degache, PhD in Disability and Human motricity
University of Health Sciences of Lausanne

« Since the training, I walk better and I feel more confident on my feet! Exercising is very comfortable, even when I had back pain or was tired. Every stroke patient should have access to this therapy because using the Lambda robot changed my life! »

Hemiplegic patient, 20 years post Stroke

« Robotics open innovative opportunities for neurorehabilitation: to optimize treatments for specific needs. The key to success is a close collaboration between engineers and clinicians. »

Prof. Stephanie Clarke, Head of Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation Service, CHUV, Lausanne. President of the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation

« While walking, I am now more focused on the gait phases and I feel more the moment when raising the foot. I now come to lift my leg and can perform tasks of daily living easier, such as dressing or put a shoe. »

Hemiplegic patient, 2 years post Stroke