Identify, Treat and Document Impairments

of the lower limbs that cause functional limitations.

The Lambda

We understand that motivation, intensity and movement repetitions are key for physical rehabilitation. Frustration, fatigue, boredom and depression often make rehabilitation an overwhelming challenge. As a result, many patients fail to reach their full recovery potential. Working together, our physiotherapists, neuroscientists and engineers have designed a new game-based robotic therapy approach to inspire and motivate patients throughout their rehabilitation journey.

Clinical Evidence

The clinical principles applied during the Lambda therapy are based on the current guidelines and systematic reviews. Repetitive, intensive, progressive, personalized with task-oriented and multi-sensory feedback training can now be made easy.

Polyvalent Training

Its unique robotic qualities allows a wide variety of treatments, combining single or multiple-joints movements in passive, active-assisted or active modes with objectives such as force, range of movement, coordination, cadence, etc. All this with only one very fast transfer of the patient.

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Enhanced Feedback

Multi-sensory feedback is used not only for motivational purposes, but also to improve motor learning. Visual auditive and haptic feedbacks are given through the screen, loud-speakers, vibrations and movements of the device.

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Evaluation & Data

The device can be used to evaluate various parameters in order to identify the impairments of the patient. The performances and evolution of the patient can easily be monitored and documented.

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You want to see it in live ?

No problem.

We can organize a visit to one of our reference centers or we come directly in your facilities with our demo units !

Latest News


First Installation in Ukrainia

We're delighted to be able to make a modest contribution to our Ukrainian friends with the installation of the first Lambda in a veterans' hospital.

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DGNR 2023

Greetings from the DGNR congress in Augsburg (DE). Every year, this neurorehabilitation congress is an excellent opportunity to present the Lambda robot. Take advantage of this last day to test the Lambda and discover our latest innovative developments. As you can see, we don't hesitate to get down on one knee for you 😉

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Lambda at Medica 2023

What a pleasure to meet our partners and distributors, both future and present at Medica this year. Lots of great projects to come! See you soon Gloreha - Idrogenet , BTL Industries, Diana Bardachenko, Ivan Osetynskyi, Meden-Inmed Sp. z o.o., Maher Mattar, MEDICA - Leading International Trade Fair

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Workshop in UAE

A look back at 3 days in the United Arab Emirates. Our co-founder Aurélien Fauquex was able to visit our partner hospitals on site, provide clinical training and present a workshop on robotics in rehabilitation at a conference. Thanks to our distributor Modern Pharmaceutical LLC for organising this tour between Dubaï, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi to accelerate our sales in this market at the cutting edge of innovation.

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« With its speed and ease of installation, LHS is a relevant assessment and rehabilitation device of neuromotor function. It is an innovative and polyvalent partner of rehabilitation. »

Prof. Francis Degache, PhD in Disability and Human motricity
University of Health Sciences of Lausanne

« Since the training, I walk better and I feel more confident on my feet! Exercising is very comfortable, even when I had back pain or was tired. Every stroke patient should have access to this therapy because using the Lambda robot changed my life! »

Hemiplegic patient, 20 years post Stroke

« Robotics open innovative opportunities for neurorehabilitation: to optimize treatments for specific needs. The key to success is a close collaboration between engineers and clinicians. »

Prof. Stephanie Clarke, Head of Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation Service, CHUV, Lausanne. President of the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation

« While walking, I am now more focused on the gait phases and I feel more the moment when raising the foot. I now come to lift my leg and can perform tasks of daily living easier, such as dressing or put a shoe. »

Hemiplegic patient, 2 years post Stroke